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Next generation monitoring equipment and systems for the measurement of urban pollutants



MCERTS Approved systems for CEM and process control

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Specialising in greenhouse gas measurement technology for atmospheric chemistry, climate change, earth science and agricultural research applications

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DR1000 Flying Laboratory

Drone Environmental Monitoring


Real Driving Emissions from Opsis

To monitor real driving emissions (RDE) from vehicles is a challenge. The analyser must be fast, accurate and easy to install onto a regular vehicle. The OPSIS technology uses a beam of light to detect the concentration of gases.


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ET revamps Smogmobile mapping software

The Smogmobiles new mapping software is now interactive. Click on the link and have a look!

ET Managing Director, Duncan Mounsor, takes to the train in a bid to decrease his carbon footprint

As part of our ongoing commitment to encouraging a more healthy and environmentally friendly way to travel to work, ET’s MD’s route to work on Friday 30th Nov was quite different from the usual drive from Cheltenham to Stroud.     

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