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Next generation monitoring equipment and systems for the measurement of urban pollutants



MCERTS Approved systems for CEM and process control

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Specialising in greenhouse gas measurement technology for atmospheric chemistry, climate change, earth science and agricultural research applications

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CH4, CO2, H2O Microportable Gas Analyser

LGR’s new Microportable Gas Analyser reports measurements of methane, carbon dioxide and water vapor simultaneously



MiniMPL is a Sigma Space innovation that takes lidar technology to a new level of portability


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University of Brighton poster showing initial results from multi-species Opsis Ambient DOAS System supplied and installed by ET

We have been working with Dr Kevin Wyche and his team from the University of Brighton for some time now and are delighted to see that they have been putting their Opsis UV DOAS system though it’s paces.

Methane Monitoring

ET conducts study to find out Methane levels at a local dairy farm.

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